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The importance of good hosting for your company

Last week we talked about the importance of choosing a right domain for your website, but with the domain, it is not enough to create it; We also have to take into account the hosting or web hosting of it.

Once we have chosen our domain, we have to choose a hosting. Web hosting is a system to store any content accessible via the web. Or put another way, it is the space provided by servers to store your web page, 

allows your page to be available 24 hours anywhere in the world.

When choosing a hosting, you will see that there are many servers with very different prices. But remember, cheap is expensive. Therefore, we recommend choosing a web hosting according to the size of your company, which guarantees security and visibility, and which in turn allows a large number of users to visit your page at the same time without it “falling” or slow down.

There are many types of hosting, both free and paid.

Shared hosting, as its name indicates, is the one shared with more clients. 

Secondly, we find virtual servers or VPS. This type of accommodation is very similar to the first. It consists of virtual divisions of a physical server, which work with its own operating system.

Dedicated services are those used by the same client. Therefore, its benefits are higher, as is its price.

Cloud servers are those that are hosted in the cloud. These do not require updates and are more scalable.

Reseller. This type of web hosting is the same as a virtual server with the difference that you can create all the accounts you want to host multiple websites, and it even allows you to resell the hosting to other people/clients.

Now that you know all the types of accommodation, which one best suits your website?