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13 pillars of our culture

When you apply to vulkano studio for work, you have to understand that it is not an ordinary and boring job like elsewhere.

Vulkanostudio refuses to believe that it is one more agency in the life of our team, and whenever someone joins Vulkanostudio, they become part of the family.

1. At Vulkanostudio we treat our employees like family. We help them with their problems, both professionally and personally.

2. We help our teams make the most of their talent. We invest money in training and tutorials, perhaps more than any of our competitors do.

3. At Vulkanostudio Our management system is uniquely democratic. We don’t like hierarchies.

4. We abhor cruelty.

5. We like people with good manners. Our London office annually awards an award that rewards “professionalism combined with friendliness”.

6. We like people who are honest, honest in discussions, honest with customers, honest with providers, and honest with Vulkanostudio.

7. We admire people who work hard. Objectivity and thoroughness are admired.

8. Shallowness is not admired.

9. We never have problems; We have challenges.

10. The promotion is open to everyone. We are free from prejudice of any kind, both religious, racial and sexual.

11. We detest nepotism and any other form of favouritism.

12. When promoting our employees, we take into account both their personality and any other factor.

13. We take care of the mental health of our team. We promote mental health and try to always handle positive language and behaviour.

Are you ready to be part of the Vulkanostudio family?